Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that our brokers have been asked over the years.

Is auto insurance mandatory if you own a vehicle?

Yes, it is the law in Ontario that any vehicle on the road has basic liability coverage. All our auto insurance quotes provide the minimum required coverages to keep you safe and legal on the road.

What is required to get auto insurance?

Anyone looking for auto insurance must hold a valid Ontario drivers license as well as be the registered owner of the vehicle.

Do we insure motorcycles?

Yes, we provide all types of motorcycles insurance from cruisers to sport bikes we can help you find coverages. 

Do i need home insurance?

In this day in age home insurance is a must for home owners with property values and building prices on the rise. When your home is properly cover your house future is secured. Our home insurance coverages can protect your family and valuables.

What does tenant insurance cover?

This form of coverage will protect your items within your rented dwelling as well as provides you with liability coverages. Your home is your home weather your rent or own and our home insurance coverages can protect your family and valuables.

Is all business insurance the same?

No every business and field of work has its own set of unique requirements based on risk that the company as well as its employees maybe exposed to. Speak directly with on of our commercial lines brokers who can assess you business and address its needs.

More FAQ to come, were just getting started!